#4000 Footers

Tom, Field, Willey Loop

Avalon Trail had hard-packed snow all the way to Mount Field, with various sections of shin-deep powder. Willey Range Trail out to Mount Willey was choppy, with knee-deep drifted powder worthy of snowshoes. The crossing between Field and Mount Tom Spur was equally choppy, though drifts were far less deep. Hard-packed snow up the spur to Mount Tom, and all the way down to Crawford Notch.

Bondcliff at sunrise on the Pemi Loop.

The Single-Day Pemi Loop: Secrets for Success

Over the last 10 years, the Pemi Loop has grown in popularity with hikers of all ability levels. It logs more mileage and vertical climbing than the Presidential Traverse, and leads you across some of the White Mountain’s most celebrated stretches of trail: Franconia Ridge, Garfield Ridge, and Bondcliff. The Lincoln Woods trailhead is conveniently located only two hours from Boston and fifteen minutes from the Notch Hostel’s front door. Combine these highlights with the fact that you don’t need a car spot — the Pemi Loop starts and ends at the same trailhead — and you have the ultimate, single-day endurance hike in the Northeast.

Cheers to the 1st of the 48

By Shannon Grossman There is this part of my essence with the sole-purpose of seeking out adventures. The more unusual the experience, the more appropriate it corresponds with my life. So, it is only natural that I climb my first 4000-foot peak in New Hampshire with winter-like conditions. (Lila, the 4-legged Notch mascot, did too!) … Continue reading Cheers to the 1st of the 48