Scaur Peak (New Hampshire Hundred Highest) – 2019-12-22

Destination: Scaur Peak (New Hampshire Hundred Highest)
Trails: Pine Bend Brook, bushwhack
Hike Date: 2019-12-22

Powdery and packed snow most of the way. Very slippery downhill. Traction required uphill

I used snowshoes, but should’ve used spikes all the way. The trail, especially the rocky/slippery steep sections, was not wide enough for shoes. The stream crossings were more challenging until I switched to spikes. Snowshoes needed on the whack (about 1/2 mile)

Trail Maintenance:
Stepovers and duckunders, esp. on the lower part of PBB. Some of these will improve with snowpack.

Parking & Road Access:
The Kanc is plowed, and just barely wide enough to park inside the white line.

Not many views, except between trees, of Carrigain Notch, and occasionally of snowy Washington. Good partial view of Tripyramid’s North Slide. (photo) Followed some sort of creature’s prints onto what may’ve been a herd path to Scaur. Any ideas what it was? See photo

Submitted by: Darrell Hartwick




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