Scar Ridge Bushwhack

Summits: Scar Ridge
Trails: Bushwhack
Hike Date: 2019-02-20

The entire route is a bushwhack. Had to cross the Hancock Branch of the Pemigewasset River (across from Big Rock Campground). We were able to find an almost shore-to-shore section of ice to easily cross. The fresh snow down low was ankle deep while the snow up high was knee deep. The woods down low were somewhat open. As we climbed they got a little thicker. Some sections up high were thick.

Wore snowshoes the whole day.

Trail Maintenance:
No trail maintenance issues – it’s a bushwhack.

Parking & Road Access:
Parked at the Discovery Trail lot on Route 112 – the Lot was plowed with space for 6-8 cars.

Did this one with Tabitha. The last report, and last sign-in in the register, was from January 6th. Saw no evidence whatsoever of any being up there since then. After crossing the river we pretty much followed the south spine all the way up to the ridge. Down low the woods were relatively open, then as the route got steeper the woods got thicker. At times you couldn’t see your own feet. Had to do a lot of ducking and weaving to push through the branches.

Around 3,000 feet there is steep series of rocks that looks like you will have to scramble up them don’t. Work your way around to the left and there’s a perfect entry point near a big root ball on your right. Took the wrong line (twice) between the old summit and the new one – went too far to the south. It was like trying to push through a bunch of Christmas trees that were tied together in a bundle. Went a little further to the north and found “open” woods.

Thanks to whoever painted the canister orange – very easy to see.

Picture 1: Along the ascent.

Picture 2: Height of the sign in winter. Top picture from January 2019 and bottom of Tabitha and I.

Picture 3: Height of the sign in summer.

Submitted by: Michael Blair




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