Sandwich Dome – 2019-04-06

Destination: Sandwich Dome
Trails: Drakes Brook Trail and Sandwich Mountain Trail
Hike Date: 2019-04-06

Several feet of snow the entire route. Snow was getting soft and I sunk in occasionally with snowshoes on.

From the intersection with Smarts Brook to the summit the trail was hard to follow. Multiple tracks of boot prints and deep postholes lead all over the place. We were mostly off trail of the ascent, and was mostly able to follow it on the descent.

Brought a but sled, but snow was wet and slow. Best part to sled was the steep section of Drakes Brook.

Demo pair of MSR Revo’s with the new binding (not yet on the market). This is my 4th hike on them and I think they are great.

Trail Maintenance:
Drakes brook could use a lot of brushing. With a dusting of fresh wet snow and light off/on drizzle we got pretty wet.

Parking & Road Access:
Plowed out and room for 10(?) cars

We summited in the clouds and blowing mist. No views today, but the little bit of rime ice was making cool patterns on the trees.

Submitted by: Kimball




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