Owls Head – 2020-02-29

Destination: Owls Head
Trails: Lincoln Woods, Black Pond bushwhack, Lincoln Brook, Brutus bushwhack
Hike Date: 2020-02-29

I was up early and on trail by 6:30am. I quickly passed a group of 4 people on skies by Black Pond and then I was the first set of tracks since the last snow. With the recent melt and refreeze, I was easily able to bareboot it from Lincoln Woods by Black Pond and through that bushwhack to the trail split with the Brutus Bushwhack. It was like a concrete sidewalk with maybe 3 inches of dry powder. From there, I threw on snowshoes and slogged uphill. I was able to follow the bushwhack fairly well, with only a few redirections before hitting the main herdpath up towards the summit. I had a little challenge in navigating through the trees toward the summit, but made it through without too much trouble. The next person up the trail was the trail maintainer for Lincoln Brook trail and he showed me the actual summit marker! On my way back down the ‘wack, I ran into maybe 15 people on their way up, all in snowshoes. Once I made it back to Lincoln Brook Trail, I took off my snowshoes and it was a quick, packed trail back to my car.

Snowshoes for Brutus bushwhack

Trail Maintenance:
Trail maintainer just cut down a few recent blowdowns

Parking & Road Access:
Trailhead was icy but manageable in FWD car

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