Mt. Pierce, Mizpah Hut – 2022-05-10

Destination: Mt. Pierce, Mizpah Hut
Trails: Crawford Path, Webster Cliff Trail, Mizpah Cutoff
Hike Date: 2022-05-10

The Crawford Path trail was mostly dry (some mud) for the first 1.5 miles. Spikes were needed up until the summit, which was bare. Post-holing minimal.
The Webster Cliff Trail was mashed potato snow with a monorail. Lots of post-holing.
The Mizpah Cutoff Trail was more of the same. Loose snow, post-holes, and breaking snow bridges. We were happy to meet back up with the Crawford Connector to get away from the snow.
Great hike, great views, clear skies.

Microspikes were necessary after the first 1.5 miles on the Crawford Path; totally necessary for the Mizpah Cutoff and Webster Cliff Trail. Snowshoes may have helped on the Webster Cliff Trail.

Parking & Road Access:
Parking lot was open.

The bugs are out but they’re not biting yet!

Submitted by: Shannon


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