Mt Adams – 2023-03-22

Destination: Mt Adams
Trails: Lowe’s Path
Hike Date: 2023-03-22

Lowe’s Path was somewhat mushy and challenging up to the tree line, especially between the Log Cabin and Gray Knob, where it’s quite steep. Above tree line was packed snow and some ice, which made for much more pleasant hiking.

I wore snowshoes for this entire hike, but above tree line spikes would’ve been fine. I saw some other hikers wearing spikes up there.

Parking & Road Access:
Since I’d heard Lowe’s Store was no longer an option for parking, I parked down the road at a parking area that Google Maps calls Presidential Rail Trail Parking or Castle Trailhead, a little under a mile west of the store on Rt 2. I hiked the presidential rail trail (groomed for snowmobiles) to Lowe’s Path.

This hike actually took place from Tuesday, March 21st through Wednesday, March 22nd, as I spent the night at Gray Knob Cabin. This cabin is maintained by the RMC and the caretaker keeps a woodstove going, so inside the cabin it’s between 40-50 degrees – much warmer than outside, especially considering the cabin sits at an elevation of about 4400 feet. The cost is $30 for members, and $50 for non-members. The cabin provided a warm place to sleep, updated weather and trail conditions from the caretaker, and lots of good books and maps to look at. As a solo hiker, I also found it reassuring that these folks knew my hiking plans for the following day. An RMC membership for a year is $30, so I decided to go ahead and sign up, since the discount on two stays at Gray Knob or the nearby Crag Camp (another RMC cabin) would pay for the membership – and I’ll definitely be back!

Submitted by: Tricia (Pearl) Case




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