Mount Hale and Zealand Mountain – 2021-03-13

Destination: Mount Hale and Zealand Mountain
Trails: Zealand Road
Hike Date: 2021-03-13

The trail conditions at the time of the hike were snowy and packed on a monorail of snow from previous hiking expeditions that other hikers undertook this past winter season. There were one or two postholes along the way to the summits, but easily navigated.

Snowshoes were brought and used for almost the entire trip. Crampons were also carried as well. Two of the three hikers used hiking poles to aid in their hike. One of them brought a heavy pack containing a 0-degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag in case anyone needed to stay in the wilderness and keep warm for several hours until their return to civilization. The pack also contained a few water bottles and a hydroflask of hot chocolate for emergencies involving cold air. Every one brought a spares of everything for the trip, including socks and change of clothing.

Trail Maintenance:
There were a few downed trees along the route from Zealand Road to Hale and from the road to Zealand.

Parking & Road Access:
The road access itself was closed off at the time due to the winter season as per regulations. Parking was attained on a quarter of a mile east of Zealand Road off to the side.

Submitted by: Christopher Manza




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