Mount Garfield – 2019-10-26

Destination: Mount Garfield
Trails: Mount Garfield Trail, then Garfield Ridge Trail to reach the summit
Hike Date: 2019-10-26

Trail was muddy at many points. The rock scramble to the summit had some snow on it but the snow was mushy so not a huge issue. There are some stream crossings that were manageable for us, but if someone had balance issues or were spooked by the fear of slipping, then there is a bypass to avoid them.

Yaktrax for the descent off the summit (not critical, though)

Trail Maintenance:
Some blowdowns but easy to navigate over/under them.

Parking & Road Access:
Parking area was full at 8:40 am when we arrived but we got a road-side spot very close to the trailhead.

No bugs!
Also, we saw some folks in jeans and sneakers. This is definitely not a good trail for that sort of disregard for proper apparel since your clothes *will* get wet and probably muddy and will never dry and you will get chilly if you don’t have proper clothing.

Submitted by: Lynette Cornell




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