Mount Cannon via Lonesome Lake

Date of Hike: Tuesday, January 22th 2019.

Trail Conditions: Unbroken snow. Deep drifted powder. 

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes.

Comments: Departed Lafayette Campground at 12:00PM this afternoon and followed the Lonesome Lake Trail up to Lonesome Lake. The initial 1.1 mile section was hard packed and easy to bare-boot. 

After leaving the lake, the trail quickly became drifted in, and then unbroken entirely. Snow depths varied from 2-3 feet leading up to and across the Kinsman Ridge Trail to the summit.

Notable, sustained winds persisted throughout the hike, so anyone attempting Cannon over the next few days should expect similar conditions, with additional heavy drifting possible. 

6.2 miles, 3:43 elapsed time.

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