Hancock Loop – 2021-09-25

Destination: Hancock Loop
Trails: drove to the trailhead
Hike Date: 2021-09-25

Brilliant sun, 50º at the start, but rain over the past few days meant mud and some challenging brook crossings. The first color of autumn was visible near water and in some valleys. Trail was well marked and easy to follow. Crossings of the north fork of the Hancock branch were the most challenging. Despite the lack of rain, the flow had increased by the time we were hiking out. We climbed the Hancock summits in the clockwise direction. Both going up to Hancock, and down from S. Hancock the trail was eroded with active water flow in places, more than 12h after the most recent rain. I’d be wary of this if rain was actively falling.

Just hiking boots and summer clothing. Hiking staff used to balance on brook crossings and muddy sections helped.

Parking & Road Access:
Trailhead is at the hairpin turn on the Kank; hikers should be careful crossing because of the limited visibility and speed of drivers.

No bugs whatsoever!

Submitted by: Brond Larson



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