Hancock and south Hancock – 2021-05-29

Destination: Hancock and south Hancock
Trails: Notch trail, cedar brook path, Hancock summit loop
Hike Date: 2021-05-29

Today we hiked Hancock and South Hancock Peaks. We did the notch trail to cedar brook path to the summit loops. Over all a 9.8 mile hike. The entry path was a delightful flat and wide path for 2 miles in, when it split to each peak there was a gnarly steep part off each peak. .7 from north and .5 from south. Although it was steep the was plenty of root and tree to hang on, the only real difficulty was the loose gravel on each. We went up north and down south, highly recommended. Light dusting of snow just on the trees and sun by the afternoon.

Boots poles

Trail Maintenance:

Parking & Road Access:
Get there early for a parking spot

Nice rivers to hang by on the cedar brook trail

Submitted by: Georgie Wilton


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