Garfield – 2020-03-01

Destination: Garfield
Trails: Gale River Loop Road, Mt Garfield Trail
Hike Date: 2020-03-01

I was comfortably able to wear spikes door to door for this hike. It was a crust of icy snow with perhaps 3-6 inches of powder on top. As always, Garfield was a slow and steady climb, except for the climb up to the summit cone at the very top. I dug in my spikes and took my time, and felt secure enough going up with just trekking poles and spikes. On the way up, I passed by two hikers and on the way back down, I saw another 4 people heading for the summit. Overall, an easy winter hike!

Spikes all the way

Parking & Road Access:
Easily parked in the plowed lot with FWD car

Submitted by: Aubri



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