Want to live in a tiny house in the White Mountains this fall? The Notch Hostel is hiring!

Fall 2018 Job Annoucement

The Notch Hostel is hiring for September and/or October (similar position available this winter)!

Position: Housekeeper

Want to live and work in the White Mountains? Do you enjoy housekeeping in a home-like setting? Apply today to live in your very own tiny house at the Notch Hostel in exchange for providing housekeeping and hiker shuttling services for the Notch!

Tiny House exterior, Notch Hostel
Live in this brand-new tiny house built by hand by the Notch Hostel!
  • Job available starting August 31st. Seeking someone for a minimum of one month, ideally you can stay until October 31st. Similar position available for the winter; please inquire if interested. 
  • Live in a tiny house (built by hand by the Notch team) tucked away in our backyard. It has a queen-size loft bed, is fully winterized, and even has a chandelier!
  • All utilities and basic living expenses are covered by the hostel, and you have full access to the hostel kitchens, bathrooms, supplies and services (such as toilet paper, trash removal, etc.)
  • Must have strong housekeeping skills, interest, and experience; housekeeping can take up to 8 hours a day and can be physically demanding. Full housekeeping job description below.
  • Housekeeping hours vary by day and by season, and range from 12/week (winter season) to 15-40/week (summer/fall season). Housekeeping generally takes place anywhere from 7 am to 4 pm — start and end times are flexible depending on your preferences and the day’s housekeeping requirements. 
  • 12 hours of work per week will go towards your stay.  You will be compensated $12/hour for additional hours worked.
  • Depending on your schedule and driving record, responsibilities may also include assistance with trailhead/town shuttles.
  • Secondary responsibilities may include covering the front desk during the afternoon/evening check-in shifts.
  • Your September schedule will consist of 5 days on, 2 consecutive days off per week. We are very flexible about requests for days off and ask for 2 weeks notice whenever possible. The hostel is closed for several weeks in November and April/Early May — this is unpaid vacation time, you are welcome to stay at the tiny house or leave during our closed dates.
  • This position is very conducive to getting a second, evening job in town during the winter season.
Inside the Notch Hostel Tiny House
Inside your Notch Hostel Tiny House. Lots of storage cubbies built into the stairs.

The hostel is a very enjoyable, relaxed environment to work in. We work hard but we also have a lot of fun and are looking for staff members that contribute positive energy to the hostel. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with guests from all around the world.

If interested, please email us your cover letter using the “Contact Us” form on our website. We will reply to your email and ask you to attach your resume. Job descriptions below.

Detailed job decriptions:

Housekeeper Position

Part of your job will be keeping this kitchen sparkling clean and well-stocked.

Housekeeping generally takes place somewhere during the 7am-4pm window, and the daily hours fluctuate based on hostel occupancy levels. Sundays are required (Mondays on holiday weekends).

Primary responsibilities:

  • Make beds. Wash, fold, and put away linens
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, common areas, bedrooms, vacuum/mop
  • Keep Camp Store/kitchen stocked
  • Dispose of Trash/recycling at town dump
  • Sweep porches
  • Conduct regular inventory checks for hostel supplies
  • Additional opportunities for outdoor work (e.g. snow shovelling, yard work) are available if interested
Mahoosuc Room, The Notch Hostel, White Mountains, NH
How fast can you make all these beds?

Secondary responsibilities:

  • Assist guests who are at the hostel during your work hours as needed

The ideal staff member will be an effective, efficient cleaner who is friendly, energetic, and able to meet the physical demands of cleaning a 3-story, 4000-square foot house.  You don’t need to be a professional cleaner, but we are looking for a person who enjoys deep cleaning and is annoyed by dirt. The hostel is a fun work environment! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with hostel guests and become part of the hostel/White Mountains community.

Shuttling AT Hikers (June 1 – October 1)

Many of our summer guests are hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT). We are 5 miles from the AT trailhead at Kinsman Notch, and 7 miles from the AT trailhead at Franconia Notch. We provide scheduled shuttles for AT hikers to and from town and the trailheads on a daily basis. Part of your job may be shuttling hikers in our fabulous “hiker van” during your work shifts. This is a fun job (AT hikers are always entertaining!) and requires good customer service skills, close attention to schedules, phone and text requests, and coordination with other staff and guests. If you have a car, you will also have the opportunity to make extra money by offering private shuttles to guests who request them.

Front Desk/Check In Job Description

Hostel worker Anne captures a magnificent communal meal during her evening shift!
The front desk where you will check guests in.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Welcome guests when they arrive and check them in
  • Process payments
  • Man the business phone, taking new reservations and cancellations
  • Show guests to their rooms
  • Address guest questions and concerns
  • Assist guests with trip planning (this is a big part of check-in! Ideal staff member will be able to answer questions and provide recommendations about local activities, restaurants, hikes, etc., including giving directions.)
  • Direct parking on busy nights

Secondary responsibilities:

  • Tidy the common areas if needed (e.g. run dishwasher, wipe up spills)
  • Fold laundry
  • Set up coffee for the morning
  • Occasional other projects on slower nights, such as writing blog posts, social media, yard work, creative sign-making, cleaning

This is not a desk job! You’ll be constantly moving around the property as you help guests get situated. When you’re not checking people in, you’ll be doing a wide assortment of caretaker tasks around the hostel, as well as chatting with guests and making their experience at the hostel as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Help guests get set up by the fire!

The ideal staff member will be extremely extroverted, personable, and customer-service oriented. Excellent manners and ability to chat with guests and make sure they enjoy their stay is essential. Ability to remember and complete the many small reception/housekeeping tasks involved with this job are also essential (we will provide you with easy-to-follow checklists).  An interest in the outdoors, hiking, and other mountain sports is ideal.

If interested, please email us your cover letter using the “Contact Us” form on our website. We will reply to your email and ask you to attach your resume.