Crag Camp, Mount Adams, Madison Hut – 2019-06-23

Destination: Crag Camp, Mount Adams, Madison Hut
Trails: Amphibrach Trail, Spur Trail, Gulfside Trail, Valley Way
Hike Date: 2019-06-23

All trails were in great condition. There were a couple of stream crossings heading up to Crag Camp along the Amphibrach Trail, but none were problematic. No snow anywhere, even at the highest elevation points. The descent along Valley Way was a little muddy in spots, but overall the trails could not have been in any better condition.

I brought additional gear to do an overnight at Crag Camp. My hiking layers included a winter jacket, hat, gloves, etc as a precaution. I only needed a light puffy on the decent to stay warm.

Parking & Road Access:
The Appalachia Parking Lot was full. I had to park on the street about a quarter mile down and had no issues with break-ins, tickets, etc when I returned the following day.

Bugs were an issue for me below treeline in the early hours of the morning and the evening. I had no issues with bugs above treeline.

Submitted by: Sarah Nash




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