Monthly Archives: November 2019

Mt Galehead – 2019-11-10

Destination: Mt Galehead Trails: Gale River Trail, Frost Trail Hike Date: 2019-11-10   Conditions:The trail had packed snow and frozen mud for most of the miles. There were some patches of slick ice, especially once we reached the Frost Trail, but those were easily enough to manage without necessitating traction gear. The water crossings were … Continue reading Mt Galehead – 2019-11-10

Tripyramids – 2019-11-02

Destination: Tripyramids Trails: Livermore Tr>Tripryamid Loop Hike Date: 2019-11-02   Conditions:Livermore Trail was fine, leaves but no substantial water. A large blowdown that will need to be cleared before anyone is skiing there. Tripyramid loop had it all, wet leaves, challenging stream crossings, some mud, a little bit of ice. The North Slide was mostly … Continue reading Tripyramids – 2019-11-02