Monthly Archives: October 2019

Mount Garfield – 2019-10-26

Destination: Mount Garfield Trails: Mount Garfield Trail, then Garfield Ridge Trail to reach the summit Hike Date: 2019-10-26   Conditions:Trail was muddy at many points. The rock scramble to the summit had some snow on it but the snow was mushy so not a huge issue. There are some stream crossings that were manageable for … Continue reading Mount Garfield – 2019-10-26

Mount Moosilauke – 2019-10-21

Destination: Mount Moosilauke Trails: Gorge Brook Trail, Carriage Road, Snapper Trail Hike Date: 2019-10-21   Conditions:Running water, muddy, wet leaves, roots & rocks. Light snow near the peak. Perfectly clear and little to no wind (5 mph & lots of sun) 1 rock hop stream crossing easy. Trail Maintenance:Big pine down on the Carriage Road … Continue reading Mount Moosilauke – 2019-10-21

Pemi Loop – 2019-10-20

Destination: Pemi Loop Trails: Lincoln Woods Trail, Bondcliff Trail, Twinway, Garfield Ridge Trail, Franconia Ridge Trail, Osseo Trail back to Lincoln Woods Trail Hike Date: 2019-10-20   Conditions:The trail was slightly muddy and covered with wet leaves in the lower elevations mainly at the start and end of the loop. Once you got above treeline … Continue reading Pemi Loop – 2019-10-20