Wildcat “A” – 2019-05-18

Destination: Wildcat “A” Trails: Nineteen Mile Brook and Wildcat Ridge Trails Hike Date: 2019-05-18   Conditions: 19mile was dry for the first 2 miles, then a mile or so of mud, then slippery monorail to the hut. WRT was slippery monorail the entire way to the summit. Although the trail is steep, there was little … Continue reading Wildcat “A” – 2019-05-18

Mount Pemigewasset – 2019-05-11

Destination: Mount Pemigewasset Trails: Indian Head Trail Hike Date: 2019-05-11   Conditions: The Indian Head Trail was generally in good condition today! There were a few muddy spots where the trail met with Hanson Brook. Right near the summit (just beyond the point where the Indian Head Trail converges with the Mount Pemigewasset Trail), a … Continue reading Mount Pemigewasset – 2019-05-11

Mount Jackson – 2019-05-11

Destination: Mount Jackson Trails: Webster Jackson trail Hike Date: 2019-05-11   Conditions: Took trail from Crawford Notch, started out as wet with some mud, water crossing at Flume cascade was really moving, used a log to walk over it. Monorail started to appear just before junction and needed spikes after the junction with Jackson trail. … Continue reading Mount Jackson – 2019-05-11

The Zion Traverse: A bucket-list backpacking trip through Zion National Park

This trip report summarizes my experience completing the Zion Traverse, an increasingly-popular 50-mile backpacking route through one of Utah’s most famous national parks. I hiked from April 18-19, 2019, and was blessed with plentiful springwater due to the high snow fall this past winter. Disclaimer: I hiked 37 miles of the route, from Lee Pass … Continue reading The Zion Traverse: A bucket-list backpacking trip through Zion National Park

Spring Presidential Traverse

On the morning of Wednesday April 17th, Notch Hostel regular John Pike and myself ventured into the White Mountain’s Presidential Range with the intention of completing a full traverse from Mount Madison to Mount Pierce. This traverse in particular felt very special to me, as it marked my 9th in as many months, and would … Continue reading Spring Presidential Traverse

Sandwich Dome – 2019-04-06

Destination: Sandwich Dome Trails: Drakes Brook Trail and Sandwich Mountain Trail Hike Date: 2019-04-06   Conditions: Several feet of snow the entire route. Snow was getting soft and I sunk in occasionally with snowshoes on. From the intersection with Smarts Brook to the summit the trail was hard to follow. Multiple tracks of boot prints … Continue reading Sandwich Dome – 2019-04-06

Mt Liberty – 2019-03-24

Destination: Mt Liberty Trails: Liberty Spring Tr Hike Date: 2019-03-24   Conditions: Oh man the snow is beautiful right now. Several feet of mostly packed powder. The trail is mostly smooth going with just a couple of post holes. Equipment: We use snowshoes from car to car. Trail Maintenance: Liberty Spring has a 1(?) small … Continue reading Mt Liberty – 2019-03-24