Sandwich – 2019-03-17

Destination: Sandwich Trails: Sandwich Mountain Trail and Drakes Brook Trail Hike Date: 2019-03-17   Conditions: The trail is well-packed and solid. The stream crossings were bridged with snow. A few duck-unders along the way. Equipment: Snowshoes on the way up (mostly for the heel lifts) and spikes on the way down. Parking & Road Access: … Continue reading Sandwich – 2019-03-17

Tom, Field, Willey – 2019-02-23

Destination: Tom, Field, Willey Trails: Avalon Trail Hike Date: 2019-02-23   Conditions:It was a bluebird day with trails already broken out (for the most part). Many of us were in traction of sorts (either micro’s or crampons). Some opted for snowshoes. The trail conditions were appropriate for any. Parking & Road Access:We parked at the … Continue reading Tom, Field, Willey – 2019-02-23

Moosilauke – 2019-03-03

Destination: Moosilauke Trails: Glencliff Trail (AT) Hike Date: 2019-03-03   Conditions: Trail was well-packed, some loose powdery snow on top of the pack above treeline. Equipment: Barebooted the whole way. Comments: No winds and sunny skies made for a fun 45 minute summit hang and photoshoot. Thanks @groundbird_gear for letting Delilah the Notch Dog test … Continue reading Moosilauke – 2019-03-03

Vose Spur – 2019-03-02

Destination: Vose Spur Trails: Sawyer River Road Hike Date: 2019-03-02   Conditions: The road appeared to be groomed and we were able to bare boot the entire length. The Carrigain Notch Trail was well packed and we were able to bare boot the first 1/2 – 3/4 of mile. It started to get a little … Continue reading Vose Spur – 2019-03-02

Single-Day Presidential Traverse

Destination or Summit(s): Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce.Trail Name(s): Valley Way, Airline, Crawford Path.Date of Hike: March 1st, 2019.Trail Conditions: Hard-packed snow, unconsolidated powder.Equipment Used: Snowshoes, micro-spikes. Trail Maintenance Issues: N/AParking or Road Access Issues: N/A Additional Comments: Our group of 4 left the Appalachia Parking lot at half past 5 on Friday … Continue reading Single-Day Presidential Traverse

Wildcat Valley – 2019-02-23

Summits: Wildcat Valley Trails: Wildcat Valley Ski Trail Hike Date: 2019-02-23   Conditions:Few inches of fresh powder on a several foot base. Trail was well packed out and easy to follow. Equipment:Backcountry skis with a edge.  Trail Maintenance:There was several (3?) large trees hung up over the trail. 2 you can duck under if you … Continue reading Wildcat Valley – 2019-02-23

Scar Ridge Bushwhack

Summits: Scar Ridge Trails: Bushwhack Hike Date: 2019-02-20   Conditions: The entire route is a bushwhack. Had to cross the Hancock Branch of the Pemigewasset River (across from Big Rock Campground). We were able to find an almost shore-to-shore section of ice to easily cross. The fresh snow down low was ankle deep while the … Continue reading Scar Ridge Bushwhack

East Peak, Osceola

Date of Hike: Monday, February 18th, 2019. .Trail Names: Greenley Pond Trail, Mount Osceola Trail. Trail Conditions: Packed snow, drifted powder. Special Equipment Required: Micro spikes, snowshoes. Comments: We left the Greenley Pond Trailhead just before 10:00AM on Monday morning with the intention of climbing both East Peak and Mount Osceola. Greenley Pond was packed … Continue reading East Peak, Osceola